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Benefits of Vitamin B-Complex for Men & Women

Better skin, hair, and nails for the ladies and increased work productivity for gents - find out the different benefits of Vitamin B-Complex to men and women!

6 Lifestyles Choices To Battle Ulcers

6 Lifestyles Choices to Battle Ulcers

​While ulcer is a type of sickness that has clear treatment options, mahalagang tandaan na may papel ang lifestyle choices sa kung papaano magdevelop ang sakit na ito. But in reality, these are only some of the lifestyle conditions that make the ulcer and its symptoms worse and not cause it per se. Narito ang ilang lifestyle choices na maaaring gawin para makatulong sa pagpapagaling ng ulcer

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Vitamin B Deficiency 101

We have always been taught to eat healthy and to have a well-rounded diet rich with vitamins and nutrients. Nutritionists have always recommended complete and balanced meals – ones that have the right proportion of meat for protein, rice or grain for carbohydrate, and vegetable for fibre. These food items also supplement the body with various much-needed nutrients.


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